Looking for a quality after school club for your school?

Superstars Activity Club Ltd are committed to providing high quality wrap around care for schools which puts the safety, enjoyment and experiences of the children we care for first and provides flexibility and peace of mind for working parents.

We invest back into the children we care for giving them access to high quality resources, cared for by excellent staff and we promote childrens independence giving them choices about the way the club is organised and what they want to do.

We understand that after a day at school children need to play, let off steam and build social skills with friends. Because of this we always focus on play based learning, allowing the children to do what they want to do and also providing organised activities to ensure there are opportunities to support their development. By liaising with their teachers we aim to support the lessons learned in school without interrupting their play or making it feel like an extended school day.

By working inside schools we limit the risks of transporting children, can provide a secure environment and can allow the children to have access to safe outdoor play whenever possible.   

We currently provide breakfast and after school clubs (aiming to open holiday clubs next year) in Mountsorrel, Quorn and soon in Wymeswold. Because we need to ensure our new clubs become as succesful as our first and that they all continue to acheive the high standards we have set we will not be looking to start any new clubs until the new academic year in 2013, however, if you are interested in a Superstars Activity Club for your school the Ofsted registration alone can take up to 6 months so please contact us on 07896 796363 or email info@superstars-activityclub.co.uk to discuss your individual schools needs.