Thank you!

We would like to thank several people and organisations for their help, firstly the schools and parents who we work with to help make our clubs succesful, the knowledge and support we get from parents, the school staff (including the office staff, teaching assistants, teachers, head teachers, premises offices, cleaners and everyone) helps us enormously, your help is invaluable in making Superstars the best wrap around, breakfast, after school and holiday club possible, thank you! 

We need to give a massive thank you to our superb staff too, their enthusiasm and commitment makes it possible to run clubs that really care about the children attending and we hope you enjoy working for us.

We would also like to thank Mountsorrel Parish Council for their donation to help buy toys and equipment to get our first club open, we are proud to say we have gone on to champion apprenticeships to give young people further opportunities and we are committed to supporting local young peoples causes locally wherever possible.

Would also like to thank Loughborough Round Table for their donation of £260 to make sessions available for children who would benefit from the social atmosphere at the club in Mountsorrel in 2012. This money was used to benefit people directly and has been hugely appreciated.

Perhaps most importantly we would like to thank the children who come to our clubs, them being involved and most importantly having a great time helps make it an environment they want to come to.